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Get a Documentary Wedding Photographer for These Reasons

documentary wedding photographerYou want the most perfect, memorable wedding pictures just like every other couple. Let us tell you what you will need and this is something that we keep telling everyone. That is, a reliable wedding photographer.

We have more than just that; a documentary wedding photographer is our favorite choice because of several reasons. We can’t wait to tell you!


The idea of taking pictures in a documentary style is to capture everything that happened on that day without missing a single thing. The photographer always aims to capture those moments in a way that considers the clients’ feelings as well. What is the purpose of the pictures? Where will these pictures be in the span of 10, 20 or 50 years later?

With this in mind, the wedding photographer works to capture pictures that are beyond the trend of the day and stand against the test of time. So that when you return to your wedding album, you don’t have to worry about how it doesn’t look in style anymore, but the memories that were captured in them. Those are the things that will make you nostalgic.


A documentary wedding photographer has to be experienced to be able to do the job well. To understand the sense of long-lasting moments, they need to have long experience in the job where they have gone through that feeling themselves before.

And just like that, it’s why we love Owen Billcliffe Photography, an experienced wedding photographer in a documentary style.


Documentary wedding photographers have to passionate about their job. It’s pretty much the style that you often see in journalists and documentary channels. They are bold, daring, and the job requires a lot of passion from the photographer or they won’t be able to get the shot that they want from the wedding.

Because of that, they often capture the moment from the best angle and delivers exceptional results every each time. Yet, they make sure that they are not disturbing the guests in any manner, keeping their existence almost invisible throughout the day. It doesn’t mean they try to hide. They blend in with the guests to make everyone feel comfortable with what they are doing.


A documentary wedding photographer is usually more sensitive about keeping the timeline in the wedding album correct. They want it to look like the storybook of the day you proclaim your eternal love to your partner. It’s a documentary after all, and it’s only right to arrange the pictures chronologically. And we’re pretty sure that for some clients, this is important.

Imagine that 50 years from now when you start having memory losses, you won’t be able to remember exactly everything that happens on that day. You might remember them, but they are not in the right order and we are always dying to remember important things like that. You don’t have to worry again if you know that your wedding album will tell you the story of your special day.

A wedding photographer with documentary-style produces results that are truest to the event, the best selling point that we believe you will agree.