Newborn Photography Styles: Traditional and Lifestyle

Raleigh newborn photographerThere are basically two ways of getting your newborn pictures. They are called traditional or formal style and lifestyle. Every Raleigh newborn photographer can do both, but sometimes, one is better in one style than the other. So, it’s best that you find a photographer who is best in doing what you like.

Traditional or formal

This style is usually the one where the baby is posed at the studio. It’s a style where the photographer prepares everything from the set, the background to props that will be used on the day. You just have to come and prepare your newborn baby for the session.

Before coming, feed the baby until the tummy is full. A full baby is easier to sleep and remain calm throughout the session. Newborns are easier to be molded and posed like this. Otherwise, there’s a big probability that the baby will be awakened in the middle of the session and it has to be stopped a while until the baby is calm again.

For the traditional session, parents can bring their props to the set if they have some. It’s best, however, to consult with the photographer about using it just in case the photographer has any doubt. You should also prepare yourself as it’s going to take at least 2 hours for the session. Throughout the session, be sure to check on your baby from time to time.

You can also check out portfolios of your photographer to get inspiration on the kind of pictures you want. While there’s a chance your baby can’t do some of the poses, the requests will help the Raleigh newborn photographer to think of something else that’s similar. Check out


As for lifestyle approach, you and your photographer will be at your residence all the time. That’s if your photographer approves the use of your house as the set. There are several factors they typically consider from the look, lighting, and space to have the pictures taken. If all these three are fulfilled, it’ll be your house. Otherwise, you can rent a space or borrow someone’s house to do it.

Your photographer will come over once before the session to scout the location. At that time, you can ask him if there’s anything that needs to be moved if it’ll make the pictures look a whole lot better. Discuss this properly and settle on a suitable date immediately.

The best place is the place with lots of natural light shining in. If you’re still planning right now, make sure that in your nursery room and master bedroom, enough natural light is shining in. It’ll minimize the use of flash and always make pictures look better.

The same thing applies to lifestyle approach; you still have to feed your newborn baby before the session to make sure he sleeps soundly through the session. It’s also possible to take pictures outdoor if the weather isn’t extreme. Just wrap the baby warmly and hug him to stay warm. Your Raleigh newborn photographer will also love to take some outdoor pictures with the baby.