photo booth hireSo, planning to get a professional photo booth hire for your event? You want to make sure that you got the right person to provide the service. It could be an important event, like a wedding party for you and this photo booth is meant to keep the guests happy and entertained before the party starts or something to go home with!

1. Pictures

The most important thing here is the quality of the pictures that are printed out. Back in the days, pictures were often not captured in the highest quality; it’s a photo booth and everyone knows that. But today, there is no reason for it when there are so many heavy-duty printers available and high-quality cameras are not that costly anymore! Ask the provider to give you a test before you book for it.

2. Trendy booth design

The booth has to be trendy and fancy for the party. It cannot just be a plain white box and everyone recognizes it as the tacky photo booth from the 90s. In fact, booth designs can be trendy and creative today from making use of empty vans or minibusses to using hanging frames or boards. There’s really nothing to limit the creativity of your provider.

3. Customizable booth

On the other hand, customers may have their own ideas of the photo booth. They just need your camera and printing service as they want to be able to customize the booth for themselves. They may want it to be very special and fancy for their party or they have a personal touch to put to make it look more special.

4.   Stickers and editing tools

A professional photo booth hire service like Event Photography has stickers that you can add to the pictures taken. You can do simple editing on the pictures, so they don’t just come out plain but crazy, funny and memorable. You can ask to be shown what kind of editing features come with the photo booth you got.

5.   Props

Undoubtedly, props are the next important thing after the camera because they help guests to express themselves freely inside there. Props can be provided by the booth owner and they usually come with the booth as a set. If you get a butler as well, you don’t have to worry about who will take care of the props.

6.   Presentation

It’s worth asking to know how your guests will bring their pictures home. Some provide an online presentation of the pictures taken in the wedding hall before the party starts. Some provide with a simple, paper frame while others may just go home with the printed pictures in hand.

7.   Butler

A good provider will not just leave you with a booth to take care of yourself. They know you have the event to take care of, so they will provide a butler to take care of it. That’s one less problem to take care of for the day. The butler will also open and close the booth at the allocated time, so you don’t have to pay for hours you are not using the booth on!

The 7 features in photo booth hire mentioned here are signs of a professional provider. If you plan to get one soon, don’t forget to check this list back!

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photo booth hireThrowing a wedding party? Don’t forget this best addition to have: a photo booth! Photo booth hire is one of the easiest and fun thing to have in your event. Especially weddings, because it just helps you to create tons of memories in this small box.

What does it take to hire a photo booth? Why are they awesome? Find out here!

Awesome pictures quality

Photo booth service is typically provided by studios and photographers. They allow you to have a small box where pictures can be taken and printed out immediately. As opposed to the old notion that photo boxes tend to print crappy quality pictures, the photo booth these days are awesome. The new camera breakthrough allows you to take decent and even crispy clear pictures to be printed!

They cannot be compared to the olden days and the high-quality pictures will just make people want to go in again.

Flexible time allocation

The photo booth is usually charged based on how long you use them. Even if the booth is technically placed for 5 hours at your venue, if you only use it for 2 hours, that’s how long you’re charged for. And it’s often charged at quite a reasonable price! The reason is that it typically requires little maintenance and is automated.

So, whenever you need it, just say it! And whenever you don’t think there will be people coming to the booth, just close it!

Free props with the booth!

The photo booth hire at allows props to be also included in the service. That means you don’t have to worry about a thing because we’ll be providing everything with the booth. Just enjoy and arrange when is the best time to open and close the booth.

Props range from cute glasses to ridiculous masks and clients are allowed to use them, just don’t be too rough with them because they’re also used by many other guests! You’re also allowed to include your own props if you have some.

Find a reliable vendor

With a photo booth, you need to find someone you can rely on. There are people who accepted the money to hire the photo booth but ran away and didn’t show up! It’s very disappointing and even potentially disastrous because we’ve promised it in our invitation cards!

However, don’t worry because we recommend only reliable vendors who have been entrusted by hundreds of wedding occasions. Remember that you shouldn’t be entranced by the offer of cheap photo booth because this can be a sign of fraud.

Simply awesome addition

Professional photo booth hire service can add a lot of fun to the party. Have you seen the pictures Emma Watson took with her fellow celebrity friends? We wouldn’t be able to see them if it weren’t for the wedding pictures on that day. You can think of crazy and creative things that use the pictures that are taken on that day.

The main concept is to create fun and memorable time because this is a once in a lifetime marriage of yours. This is a day where a lot of things is going to change and you’ll be experiencing so many new things.